JFI AirRider

250 Foot Long Zip Rail Coaster!

Our exciting AirRider Zip Rail Coaster will get your blood pumping as you fly through the Park 30 ft in the air! Get ready for the ride of your life as you soar over all the fun below you. It’s a thrilling ride with lots of excitement that you are never going to forget!

Moon Bounce

You Can Catch Some Big Air!

The Moon Bounce area has bounce pads optimized to get you to jump and bounce higher than ever before! You can perform all kinds of tricks and acrobatics on the expansive fun bouncing surface!

Melt Down

A Whirlwind of Acrobatic Skill!

Staying on your feet has never been such a challenge! As you try to maintain your balance and footing, you are challenged to stay upright while Ducking & Jumping the rotating inflatable arms of the Melt Down! Chances are you will have a few spills along the way to great fun with your friends!

DodgeBall Xtreme

Duck & Cover Has A New Twist!

The JFI Xtreme DodgeBall Court has a new twist! I incorporating inflatable obstacles that both provide cover and hinder movement, you can experience an entirely new level of DodgeBall Fun!

Cliff Jump

Jump From New Heights Into A Bed of Air!

Jump Out Into Space And Free Fall Into An Air Cushion! You Can Pretend That You Are Jumping From Any Height And Land Safely As You Experience The Rush of Air As You Fall From Your Jump Point!

Battle Beam

A Duel To The Finish!

The Battle Beam lets you challenge your friends to a joust 15 feet in the air! Not only do you have to contend with your opponent, you must also maintain your balance on an inflated beam that leaves little chance for error! Have the time of your life while trying to defend it as well!

WipeOut Balls

Step Lively Now – You Don’t Want to Fall!

Step Across 3 Big Balls – What Could Go Wrong? You’ve all seen those obstacle courses on TV where there is a section that challenges your balance as you traverse the course, well we give you the WipeOut Balls to do just that. Keeping your balance has never been more fun and eventful!

Ninja Wall

Run, Climb, Slide – No Big Deal, Right?

If it was only as easy as it sounds! Pick your path up the wall and try to climb your way to victory at the finish. But don’t think it’s a walk in the Park, many have done so and been turned back in defeat! Go ahead, take a run at it and see if you can conquer the Ninja!

Wrecking Ball

Take A Swing At Your Friends!

Your challenge is to maintain your balance while you try to knock down your opponents! It’s all in good fun until someone thinks it should be you that goes down next! It’s times like this that you start to question if your friends have become your enemies in Fun?


Turn, Turn, Turn – Now Run!

As you spin on the Dizzy-X you start to wonder which of your challengers will falter first in the race to the end! When the platform stops spinning and you have your balance impaired by the dizziness in your head – it’s time to race your friends through your exit maze to see who can finish first!


A Moving Challenge At It’s Best!

Your task is simple, your results can be challenging! When your path to victory is moving against you, it might seem that the odds are stacked against you! As you race your friend up the Adrenalator ramp the floor is moving against your pursuit and what seemed like a short distance can grow on you rather quickly!

Mountain Climb Slide

Is It An Obstacle Course Or Giant Slide?

It’s Both! You have to navigate an inclined obstacle course and make it to the top as you plunge down a 30ft slide! Oh, and one more thing… You are on the clock, as you are racing your buddy on the other side of this sliding attraction!

JFI Ultimate Obstacle

100 Feet of The Ultimate Race For Glory!

The JFI Ultimate Obstacle Course is a side-by-side challenge with your opponent, to see who can survive the rigors of the course and finish victorious! You will climb, crawl, dodge and slide your way through numerous obstacles along your route to Glory!

Bish-Bash Tubes

A New Take On The Tackling Dummy Run?

Run through the gauntlet  of the Bish-Bash Tubes and take a few easy hits along the way! They might slow you down but they won’t knock you out! Go ahead and take a run at em’ and penetrate their defense!

Summit Rock Climb

Reach For The Sky!

A trek up our 30ft Rock Wall will have you mountaineering like a pro! You can challenge yourself and your friends on different routes up the wall. When you reach the top you can pause and survey the entire park from your perch high above it all!

Birthday Throne

Did Someone Say CHEEEESE?

A throne fit for a King or Queen not only on their Birthday, but any day! The perfect spot for a photo-op, the Throne is the perfect frame for a lasting memory!

Toddler Zone

A Great Place For The Little Ones?

The little ones need a place to call their own and we have just the spot! Our Toddler Zone is a fun environment scaled down to size so our small bouncers can have a great time on their own. Participants must be under 42″ tall to keep the area safe for everyone!


Summer Fun Hours!

Mon-Thur: 11:00am to 8:00pm

Friday: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am – 6pm

Toddler-Time Tue, Thur & Sun
9:00am – 11:00am

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7321 Trade Court, Sarasota FL 34240

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